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Practice grew 1,700% just after 9-1-1: while others fell 30-50%(recession-proof your practice)
Saw >40,000 patients from 50 States, 97 Countries in 40 years(get referrals from all over)
For years, averaged 640 new patient calls per MONTH(get as many patients as you want)
Treated 12 professional sport teams [3 Foreign National], >3,000 athletes [>800 professional], 1st Chiropractor asked to treat NFL Run For Daylight/Fastest Man Competitors(work with athletes and sport teams)
Published researcher several times, listed in the Index Medicus(get published)
Was on 6 Medical/Scientific Boards-Major supplement companies(biochemical individuality = quick results)
Subject of several articles outside Chiropractic(get articles published on YOU)
Took >$1,5 M in seminars, for years purchased & read cover-to-cover average of $1k worth of technical papers/Text Books(science comprehension = patient confidence)
Developed and teaches the 4 TTAPS technique and biochemistry seminars(exemplary, rapid results)
Peer Reviewer several years and ran all insurance and all cash practices(utmost compensation)
Accomplished in Narrative Writing and Courtroom testimony(testify in commanding fashion)
Was the intake Doctor in a MultiDisciplinary Practice for 4 years(get referrals from other professionals)
Has given over 1,000 classes to Professional and Lay audiences(speak confidently)
Was #1 National Health Insurance Company salesman at its largest agency(get the patient to commit)
Certified Accident Reconstructionist(helps prove the case and severity)

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