What’s covered:
1 Year of 1 hour Mentoring per week with Dr. Bonebrake


  • Anything included in Group Mentorship [Just 1 on 1 here for 12 months, 1 hour per week]
  • Any aspect of your practice
  • How to treat any patient issue
  • How to communicate: This is at least as important as patient treatment, if you want the practice of your dreams
  • Access to notes from each of the 4 TTAPS seminars
  • All 4 videos for 1 year’s viewing, and if you already paid for any, I’ll extend those for another year
  • Up to 12 Seminars on line or in person for your CEs or otherwise to attend
  • I’ll cover what is at the top of your radar first, before I suggest anything: YOU know where your weaknesses are
  • 1 year’s link on your web site when it’s ready of other patient and doctor testimonials to excite your patients and prospective patients about the care you give
  • Certification Certificate for each TTAPS Part, as you complete them with the Mentorship
  • 1 year of Doctor Blog for each Part after they begin so you can interact with other Doctors about their application of each Part

If you decide to extend into another Year, It’ll be just half the price!

Commit yourself NOW to achieve your DREAM PRACTICE!