Here you have the opportunity to have a discounted rate if you don’t want the 1 on 1 Mentorship.

You receive:

1 year of 1 one-hour real-time GROUP interactive podcasts each week:

Benefits for you:

What’s covered:

  • Type in questions you wish to be answered by Dr. Bonebrake
  • Ask questions, listen to answers for yours and those others pose
  • Step-up your practice to the level you want and desire
  • Up your income dramatically in accordance with your level of commitment
  • How to get paid for what you do
  • Get answers regarding how to run your practice and in the most efficient manner possible
  • Think and reason quickly in any practice situation
  • How to give talks that get lots of new patients
  • How not to ask patients for referrals and get scads of them
  • How to communicate in such a way as to draw referrals to you from all over
  • How to testify in Court and Depositions
  • How to write Narrative Reports in the best manner possible
  • Situations answered that solve your own situations
  • How to best treat given conditions for quickest results

If you pay the year in advance, I’ll include 1 year’s viewing of each of the 4 TTAPS videos, as they come out
If you’ve purchased any already, I’ll extend those another year


You can choose to step up to the 1 Year 1 on 1 Mentorship in the first 3 months and get those benefits as well!

Commit yourself NOW to achieve your DREAM PRACTICE!