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  5. Get new site up and running fully: visual scheme and subtext: Skin is the largest organ in the body and it controls the joint function; the body functions with reflexes such as gait reflexes that coordinate actions between joints and muscles such as: opposite arm and leg working together and same side arm and leg working in opposition; body chemistry, such as hormones and levels of substances, work on a negative feedback loop that normally keeps them in balance such that if a substance is too high the body lessens the production and hastens the excretion or secretion of the substance to keep it in a good normal range; if needing a certain amount of minerals could be rectified by bending over and scooping up a handful of dirt it would be great, but facts are that plants extract the minerals from the soil and bind/chelate an amino acid or protein to it, then an animal or human eats the now-bioavailable nutrients to extract them for use in the body
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