BE COMPLETELY SATISFIED OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK – AND KEEP THE HOURS: Just send a letter with the reason why, and I’ll refund your fee, no questions asked. This Seminar is Based on Results!

  • Simply free up scar tissue between  other tissues, normally in one treatment
  • Normally get someone off a cane or walker in one or two visits or standing up out of a wheelchair by themselves in just a few visits if it’s due to weakness instead of paralysis
  • Efficiently and quickly test all the major muscles of the body and IMMEDIATELY strengthen ALL the weak ones by tapping on ONE single muscle!
  • Record all dermatomal pain to palpation and IMMEDIATELY decrease or eliminate all the pain by tapping on ONE single area of skin!

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again…

In most cases, quickly and significantly reduces or eliminates the following symptoms, usually on the same visit:*Fulfills the ACA: “Evidence Based Medicine and Best Practices”:

  • Chronic Athletic injuries: Hamstrings, ankles, wrists, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, knee, turf toe, shin splints
  • Chondromalacia patella, weak ankles, trick knees, etc.
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Meralgia paresthetica
  • Bronchitis and Asthma
  • Gagging, Esophageal spasm and Reflux Esophagitis
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic whiplash
  • Chronic hip, knee and ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
  • Tendonitis and Bursitis
  • Adhesive capsulitis/frozen shoulder
  • Small joint fibrous ankylosis
  • Chronic shingles pain
  • Arthritic finger and toe joints
  • Unadhere organs from each other and stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease
  • Chronic fever and sore throat
  • Endonasal [including balloon nasoplasty] and Eustachian tube techniques for chronic sinusitis, chronic migraines, true Eustachian tube deafness and Meniere’s syndrome
  • Scar tissue and acupuncture
  • Diaphragmatic and Accessory breathing muscle function
  • Old fractures and chronic pain
  • Bone pain
  • Sclerotome pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Resistant Sciatica
  • Necessity of using a Cane or walker to walk (from leg weakness)
  • Herniated or Bulging Disc
  • Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  • Hearing Loss of Differing Frequencies, Tinnitus
  • Foot Drop
  • Carpal, Radial and Tunnel or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Burning Pain
  • Female Cyclical Menstrual pain
  • Vaginal prolapse
  • Dizziness and Vertigo
  • Dropped Longitudinal, Transverse and Cuboid Arches
  • Unexplained chest pain
  • MS symptoms
  • Parkinson’s symptoms
  • ALS symptoms
  • Guillain-Barre symptoms
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis symptoms
  • Seizures


Techniques are:

  • Not T.V. FRICTION MASSAGE, A.K., A.R.T.  or GRASTON [you won’t need to learn a thousand procedures or $100’s or $1000’s of tools to perform these procedures]
  • Based on known tenets of acupuncture, trigger point therapy, reflexes and Neurology
  • Found in laws and tenets in Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, Robbin’s Pathology, Chusid’s Neurophysiology and Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology, as taught in all CCE-accredited Chiropractic Colleges
  • Treatment effects are verifiable by Standard Orthopedic and Neurologic examination
  • I am published in JMPT on techniques being taught
  • Former Adjunct Faculty Member, Postgraduate Division, Texas Chiropractic College

Dr. Bonebrake has been in practice for 36 years, treated over 20,000 patients from 93 countries and all 50 states, including over 800 professional athletes from more than 12 professional teams, including NFL, NBA, CFL, NHL, MISL, MSL, and 3 foreign National soccer teams; over 3,000 high school and collegiate/university athletes; professional bodybuilders and powerlifters; was the first chiropractor asked to treat athletes at the NFL Run For Daylight and NFL Fastest Man competitions; was invited to and treated athletes at a Cowboys/Raiders training camp.

He hosted a radio show for 15 years on his techniques, and has been the object of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV news programs.

He co-authored several Research studies on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and authored articles appearing in The American Chiropractor and the Texas Chiropractic Journal.


I brought a female who had had an upper cervical operation after an injury years earlier, and had

numbness and grip and pinch weakness in her left forearm and hand. To my surprise and hers, Dr. Bonebrake guided me through a treatment that lasted about 2 minutes, and her grip and pinch strength were fully restored, and the numbness was gone!                     -Dr. Burklee, California

We graduated in 1987 and 1997. Thank you for an excellent seminar!  We both learned a lot and thought it was one of the best seminars we’ve had post-graduation.        -Drs. Novak, Colorado

I went back to practice after the seminar and a patient who had a cow head-butt her in the chest had been hurting in the chest and back for a week. I followed the procedures and her chest and back pain left immediately! Pressure in my own ears was relieved at the seminar.  -Dr. Lee, Idaho

I would recommend this seminar because it focuses on the underlying physiology and expands available techniques.                                                             -Dr. Rexroth Illinois

I was impressed with the ease of the STAR technique! My right hip released with the beginning move! My pelvis has been locked because of 33 years of adjusting others!    -Dr. Howard, Iowa

I have been in practice 26 years and have taken numerous soft tissue and manipulation courses and can say that I learned more in 1 weekend that I could use Monday morning than all those other courses combined. From back and neck pain to hearing loss, visceral problems, sleep difficulty…you name it you can explore a New and amazingly simple method of treatment that is validated by Medical Literature. This information dissected and presented by Dr. Bonebrake is an absolute must. Can’t wait to take the next level!      -Dr. Albers, Kansas

One of the most knowledgeable Chiropractors of our time is Dr. Alan Bonebrake. His seminars are stimulating with knowledge that you can implement, and immediately start helping your patients!  His knowledge about nutrition, trigger points and holistic health care are second to none! Your time is well spent….!       -Dr. Goldman, Kentucky

Amazing! Treatments were very applicable and they had references to back them up!

-Dr. Stramel, Missouri

The seminar was very impressive! I went home and thought I would use the material on a few patients, but after treating an MS patient with one bad leg and seeing her immediately walk so well I couldn’t tell which was the good leg, and other similar astounding cases, I am using TTAPS and STAR on most of my patients, and with great results!       -Dr. Crane, Montana

After severe food poisoning two years ago, I have had severe mid thoracic intercostal pain. After the initial treatment there was a 70% reduction in pain. The next day the pain is now 90% better.

-Dr. Schmidt, Nebraska

My chronic right knee pain, which was actively aching before treatment, fully went away after treatment!                                                                                                    -Dr. Edwards, New Mexico

I slept a lot better, do not have phantom lateral hip pains, and hands aren’t sweating as much. From treatment at the seminar, my dad’s hips and low back are better and a patient who fell on a screwdriver on his coccyx said his pain levels were much more tolerable.        -Dr. Crane, Oklahoma

I learned more from this seminar than any seminar I have ever attended. He covered all areas of his practice in great detail and backed them with references…The investment in this seminar will result in a large return on your money and greater patient satisfaction.         -Dr. Viernow, Texas

Dr. Bonebrake takes your previous training and experience and puts it all together for you, then he takes it to the next level and helps you think like a real clinician!                                                                                                                                                                -Dr. Lyman, Utah


When I initially came to Dr. Bonebrake, I had to use a cane to get around for 7 years due to MS, and my speech was very slow and I was extremely tired all the time. After the first treatment, he had me walk across the room without my cane, and after 3-4 treatments, I didn’t even need the cane to walk across the parking lot. 3 years later I still don’t need the cane and my speech is 3-4 times quicker.                                                                    Jeffrey Olmstead

When I first saw Dr. Bonebrake, I hadn’t taken a step without my walker for over 2 years, and was mostly in a wheelchair for over 2 years. 6 MDs told me I had 3 herniated discs in my lower back and couldn’t avoid surgery. In a standing position, he tapped me in a few places around my pelvis and low back, and told me to walk down the hallway. After the second and last treatment, I was able to put the walker in my closet.                   Sharon Jones

My health is paramount for my profession. When I initially came to Dr. Bonebrake, I was experiencing Nystagmus (especially turning my head to the left) and Meniere’s Disease, which gave me balance issues and brain fog. I also had headaches and pain head to toe on occasion and was having difficulty sitting for long periods of time. After seeing 4 MD’s for my condition with little or no help from 4 different prescription drugs my ability to operate in my chosen profession was literally at stake. My balance began to improve with the first treatment and the pain began to noticeably recede with additional visits. I have had no major issues for some time now. It is a very methodical and exacting approach to have a step-by-step treatment, recovery and strengthening regimen, and most importantly, it works!                         Robert Dombrowski

My medical doctor wanted to inject steroids into my degenerated hip, but Dr. Bonebrake had it asymptomatic in just a few treatments. Later on he put pressure below my eye to immediately relieve severe knee pain. Then he rid my tongue and gums of pain and swelling from an oral surgery just 3 hours afterwards that my dentist said would take several weeks to recover from. I struggled with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which was normalized by his dietary advice.                                                                                                       James Coston

The following are some chronic conditions that the attending doctors and patients were afflicted with that cleared up as a result of the treatments they received at the Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa seminars in the past few months:

Dr Schiller had suffered a stroke as a child and lost coordination and strength in her right hand. Her strength returned significantly and her dexterity greatly improved-she never thought it possible to change something she had for over 42 years!

A 30ish gentleman strode in with a full lumber back brace on and waited to be treated, stating that he was in constant severe pain that prohibited working and sleeping. He was asymptomatic in about 3 minutes…he had been in pain and in the brace with the same pain since 2008-8 years!!!His father-in-law is a chiropractor that sent him to the seminar, and didn’t even come!

Dr. Brinkman’s had an “incredible amount of difference to the tension in the back of her throat and mouth”, feeling more free and relaxed.

Dr. Close experienced a “marvelous release of approximately 2 decades of neck tension”!

Dr. Schmidt’s scar tissue from an old heart surgery immediately eased!

Dr. Adams had extraction toothache of 8 hours’ duration eased in a few seconds!

Dr Morrison states “patients in my office have responded very well to the STAR treatments. Tendonitis, Bursitis and Plantar Fasciitis have never been easier to work on!!!”

Dr. Black states “the treatment took about 30 seconds and 30 years of low back pain was improved!!!”

Dr. Holley’s breathing is far easier and deeper, sinuses are clearer, less food comes up, and she hears better!

Dr. Lyman states “The methods are simple to understand and easy to apply and charge for! I have had great success with patients recovering faster so they could avoid back surgery and foot surgery! They are walking and out of their wheelchair, walker, cane and boot!”

Dr. Astle states “Dr. Bonebrake worked on my low back and it helped my pain tremendously! It was very chronic, many years!”

Dr. Haddock had a tibia fracture when 5 years old [he’s 60 now]. At 18 1” of tibia was cut from the shaft and metal plate was installed, then removed a year later, 2 years later bone callous was chiseled off with a local anesthetic. Treatment at the seminar made his leg warmer with a feel of greater blood circulation!

Dr. Hobson’s Osgood Schlatter’s of 45 year’s duration was helped!

Dr. Millet’s rib cage pain had been preventing good sleep for years, now much better!

Dr. Schulz’s 26 week pregnancy pain at the thoracolumbar junction and difficulty breathing were substantially relieved!

Dr. North’s fracture callous on his radial head from 9 years ago was “helped a lot”!

Dr. Whittaker states “Great! Best seminar I have been to ever, real usable information, simple and effective!”

Dr. Guthrie states: “I had wrist pain on the left ulnar side, tendonitis the pain is gone…the results are quite amazing…my deepest gratitude for treating my daughter with her sinuses…so much better…amazing resultsshe cancelled her sinus surgery!!!”

Dr. Weeks states “for over 2 months I have had swollen painful knees with terribly reduced ROM.  Too painful to flex fully but right after your knees treatment I can now flex fully and 90% of swelling is gone. The next day is even better!”

Another doctor states “I have had a restricted shoulder for 4 years. The treatment on a claviclescar from a fracture helped the shoulder immensely!”

Therapist Arre’s ears didn’t pressurize coming down mountains from 8,000 to 5,000 feet as usual!

Dr. Vespa’s throat, voice and plantar fasciitis and knee pain was really helped!

Dr. Morrison’s old skull fracture scar tissue causing constant neck pain was helped substantially helped, and he had easier breathing with the nasal work!

Dr. Hein’s painful shoulder was freed up.

A doctor’s long-standing CTS, Phalen’s and Tinel’s resolved in just a few minutes!

Doctor Hendricks with MS couldn’t feel a prod poking the bottom of one of his feet [his foot had been numb for years], and within a few minutes of when the treatment began, he could feel everything, his foot drop improved and his pitting edema resolved!

His patient with MS with foot drop of several years duration was able to walk without foot drop within a few minutes after the treatment at the seminar!

A patient who had previous upper cervical trauma followed by an operation had severe numbness with loss of grip and pinch strength. Within minutes after the treatment began, the numbness was gone and full grip and pinch strength had been restored!

A doctor brought an elderly patient in Utah who hadn’t been able to jog for a year, and had difficulty walking because of Parkinson’s. Within minutes after the treatment began, we had him jogging in the seminar room!

Dr. Wahl: “I was simply amazed my right knee being much less symptomatic even before we got to knee protocols!”

“My patient was helped in a very dramatic way in her feet and knees. She was able to walk much better!”

Dr. Temple: “My patient had very recently had a seizure. He states it would take at least 1-3 weeks for him to recover and “feel normal”. Within minutes of your treatments he stated he felt back to normal. He said that was the fastest he had ever recovered.”

Dr. Detwiler: “After treatment my hamstring, pulled for 3 months, I could immediately touch my toes!!!”

Dr. Albers: “After your treatment my energy improved by 70-80%. I felt clear and more mentally alert. My balance difficulties I had for 23 years after a car accident have improved by at least 60%with just that one treatment. Totally amazed!”

Dr. Hurst: “Always battle upper trap tension after being worked on-noticeable difference and improvement after your treatment.”

Dr. Joyce reports that “not only is her voice noticeably stronger, the burping associated with her hiatal hernia has drastically, noticeably reduced, local throat pain has dissipated, it’s easier to swallowthroat congestion has abated.

(The history of the throat issue:  10 years ago, She was teaching at the local college, so lots of lecturing.  Developed a respiratory problem with lots of coughing.  Took months to get over.  Residual problems:  infrequent cough, slight hoarseness, slight left throat pain, at times hard to swallow.  Increase in hiatal hernia issues.)”

She was treated with my external throat and Superior Mediastinal maneuvers.

Dr. Beth reports “Dr. Bonebrake worked on my thyroid cartilage and mediastinum…the next morning was the first time I had brushed my teeth without gagging in months. I also slept better and can stand up with better posture without pain. He also released scapular pain that had been constant for over a year.”

Dr. Slater stated “Left trap pain – post adjustment 3 months ago [by another doctor] – burning sensation is 90% improved [after your treatment] – and getting better with self exercises. Yours is the first treatment that didn’t make my elbow worse afterwards!”

If you caught it, several of the above were central nervous system lesions.

Dr. Randa was avoiding standing because of severe, ongoing hip socket pain of 4 years duration. One of the simple maneuvers I taught was applied to his hip and he stood up and couldn’t believe that the severe pain had already left his hip! “Since you worked on my hip in Denver, I am walking with no discomfort (a first in four years!)”

Dr. Williams shared the following of “too many to count:

We had a man come in on a walker in so much pain he could not lie down on the table. He said “my first thought was, what the hell is that supposed to do but when I got out of my bed I noticed I didn’t have to use the walker”.

Dr. Deiter had “Right groin pain of 8 years duration, all forms of treatments not much help…is subsiding! Inguinal ligament and psoas pain decreasing thanks!!” He took one of the principles I teach and applied it to himself when he got home!